Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pink Hair - The Lazy Vlog

Hi there ,
Last weekend I took the plunge and dyed my hair pink (and a little purple hidden underneath).
I really love it. I did it last year but chickened out after a week and washed all the colour out. This time I'm really enjoying it. Hurray to being a big kid.
I have some art videos coming out soon. I'm excited to start my next big art challenge. The next one is one I've devised myself. I'm calling it 'A Copic a Day'. It's going to be a different copic colour every day. I can only use the one colour. I'm excited to practice (and a little embarrassed that I have over 30 Copic colours).
I'm getting ready for Inktober and trying to practice as much as possible. It will be the first one I've done and I'm really excited. Inktober feels like the exciting illustration event of the year. It's when artists do an ink drawing every day for a month under the hashtag #Inktober. I'm happy that I'll get to be part of it. Hopefully I'll also be good enough at making videos to attempt Vlogmas this year...we will see. :D

What did you all get up to this weekend?What colour would you love to dye your hair?

Have a great day guys,
Tania xx

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