Monday, 26 May 2014

How to understand your CG animator - Tips and Tricks

A while ago I wrote a post about '20 reasons it's hard to live with an animator' .
So for those people that ignored the last list an are now living with an animator  or who have an animator friend/family member here is your crash course in 'How to understand a CG animator' :

. Keys - You are checking if your animator has locked up your house to safe guard the valuable items inside (mainly the most expensive stack of books you have ever seen)
They are thinking of the important poses their latest work will be using.

Tip: always lock up yourself

. Crunch - You are asking them to pick up your favourite cereal or chocolate bar from the shop.
They have gone into a mini coma thinking about the last deadline month they faced in work. Crunch time!

Tip: if your animator suffers from PTC disorder (post traumatic crunch disorder) be understanding. During an attack cover them with a blanket to keep them warm and feed them biscuits until the memories fade

Anticipation: You are talking about the excitement of an up coming event.
They are working out the intricate moments before you throw a ball.

Tip: never say you are anticipating a baseball match . They will make you watch goofy throw a baseball frame by frame. Ahh that baseball throw!

You hear 'Saturday, Sunday'
They may not be familiar with the term.

Overlap: you are talking about your own busy schedule and the overlapping events you have coming up.
They will just be moving they're arms and staring at their sleeves.

Tip: hide all Newtons cradles and tie long hair up before you plan your week with them.

Blocking: you might be talking about the idiot who blocked in your car in the car park.
They will just be doing the robot in the corner.
Tip: to break the spell shout 'spline'

Maya/ Max:
You mention a friend with these names in passing. To which your animator flips over the table in front of you, screams expletives and sits mumbling and shaking in the corner.
They hear the computer program that has a personal vendetta against them.
Tip: If you happen to have a friend with either of these names
a. Give them a nickname
B. Never leave them alone together as your animator will punch/cry/glare at them until you return.

You may like disney films
They Love them with their very being.
Tip: unless you are prepared to know what the '9 old men' means, who they are , what their hobbies were and their shoe sizes it's best to just keep quiet.

You hear a delightful beverage
They here 'lifeblood'
Tip: have a supply in the vicinity at all times

You are talking about your hand and your general nail area.
They are instantly drawing on any object at hand. Be warned they may use your arms if a piece of scrap paper/wall/ envelope isn't at hand

Tip: carry a sketch book to occupy them . Hide all sharpies.

You may be talking about the strength of the sun today.
They will be looking at the seams on all of your clothes and disassembling all boxes within their reach to study the construction.
Tip: just buy the strongest uv protection and put it on them. They probably don't get out much.