Sunday, 28 December 2008

Well its the end of 2008 and i've had a great year. Feels like the longest year a good way!

TT animations show "What's your News?" starts on the 12th of January, at 7:30 and 4 am everyday and again on nick jr 2 :D

I can't wait. I only worked on it for 6 months and yet im so proud of it. The adverts start on the 29th but not sure what time so my poor family are going to be watching it 24/7.

I am also currently working on a short with a friend of mine. Something to keep my brain working outside of work. so when i get some things i'll put them on here.

On christmas eve there was a great animation called 'lost and found'on channel 4. It is an oliver jeffers book, who is an amazing illustrator and author and was made by studio a.k.a.
If you get a chance i definatly recommend you see it