Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Occupation: ANIMATOR!!!!!!

A month ago I was all excited because i was being allowed to go and visit TT animation studio in Knutsford for two weeks. I was over the moon just to be there for a little while as it really is a dream career. Some where i hoped to be in say ...oh 10 years!!!

So I went down to lovely (6 hour train ride away) Manchester and had a FANTASTIC time. The people were Lovely and made me feel really welcome but with each passing day I wanted to be part of the team more and more.
The show (which I can't really talk about) is fantastic...something i'd happily watch with my little sister on a saturday morning and the fact I was allowed to help our let alone work on the show was awesome!!!

It was the last day of the two weeks today and i was sitting on my desk feeling sick as a dog, waiting to hear 'thank u but no thanks' BUT

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I start on the 30th and moving up there as soon as possible. I can't believe it. its insane!

i couldn't have had a better job if i'd created the position myself. Luckily everyones really lovely and puts up with my persistent questions and mistakes but i love it.

Animator for a TT animatio/Warner Brothers/ Nickelodeon childrens show!!!

get to animate for a living....what more can you ask for :D...well maybe some free Dr Pepper ...but they have that too!!!!!