Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spungella 100 Frame contest

Last week was the 100frame competition.
Normally i always want to do these things but something always gets in the way.
This time i was putting my footdown and no matter what getting an animation out.

The theme was Magic so my partner and I came up with two ideas we liked. i animated them both but he was in charge of one and so was I.
He built, designed, rigged and skinned the rabbit which is a fantastic model in just 3 days.

'Levitate' was quite hard as there was a lot to get across in 100 frames but really enjoyed it.

The animation isn't what i wanted it to be for both as things did get in the way but i'm so glad that i got something out. its a step in the right direction :D
we're on our way to the next project now.
Too many ideas and not enough time!