Friday, 18 May 2012

20 Reasons It's Hard To Live With An Animator.

1. There's no envelopes/ scraps of paper/ important documents in your house that haven't been doodled on.

2.You are the only adults without kids in line at every children's film.

3.When they talk about keys they don't mean locking up the house.

4.There's more DVD's' in your house than your local 'Blockbusters'

5.Your house has so many toys in it that people assume you have children and If you do have children they aren't allowed to touch the toys.

6. 90% of their wardrobe has cartoons on it.

7. You not only know the director of every Pixar film but also their hobbies and what they look like.

8. The sentence 'Crunch Time' fills you with dread.

9. Not only do they have more books than any other person but each one weighs the same as a small elephant.

10. They don't actually read any of them

11. Polar Express scares them more than 'Friday the 13th'

12. They're amazing at pictonary but carry on drawing even after you've guessed it.

13. You don't really know what 'MoCap' is but if you ever like a cartoon that has it they've threatened to leave you.

14.They can spend 25 minutes looking at one drawing.

15. They know every line from The Simpsons/ Family Guy/South Park/ Star Wars (delete where applicable)

16.Sometimes you talk for 40 minutes before realising they've been quoting a film the whole time.

17.When they talk about Easter eggs they are never referring to the chocolate ones.

18. 5 minutes into a film they know the entire plot.

19. You didn't know a human could drink that much coffee/tea/ red bull

20.They can sit and giggle to themselves for 20 minutes at 'the way that bird walks'