Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Getting Ready For Inktober

Hello guys. 
It's Inktober. We are in it. How is your drawing going? 
I made a video last week about the lead-up to Inktober and the prompts list I'll be following:

The funny thing about Inktober to me is how stressed everyone gets. It's interesting to see the pressures people put on themselves to be creative. I saw a fantastic talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert about the pressures of being creative and how we tie it into our personality. As if doing a bad drawing makes you a bad person or untalented in all ways. This is such a hard hurdle to jump over. I only found a way over it by throwing all my drawings out there and realising that the world didn't disown me because I wasn't the worlds greatest artist. Here is the video ...it's really inspiring: 

I love Iinktober because it takes the pressure off and gives you the chance to put art out there without people judging you. People know you only had an hour or two to get it done and everyone is also putting work out there so everyone knows and feels how difficult it can be. 

I love Inktober as an idea. I think it is encouraging people not only to be creative but to be compassionate and enthusiastic artists. I also selfishly love looking at all the art that is around. So much to see!!!! 

Enjoy it, only do it if you want to or can and enjoy it. Enjoying creating things is really the only part of this that matters. If you do one drawing or 31...or even just get inspired by looking at the #inktober #intober2017 or #pinktobertime hashtags...that's all that matters.

Enjoy guys and happy doodling x