Monday, 21 October 2013

Character Concept Course

At the moment I am taking part in a course called 'Character concept art: From inital sketch to final design'.
The course only cost $10 and I am enjoying every part of it.
I love drawing but as a CG animator some times drawing can fall below the actual animation itself. Luckily for me I spent my uni years with a fantastic talented bunch of stop mo and 2d animators so it was fantastic motivation to learn to draw but as most things work and life got in the way.
So I thought it was time for some revision. This website is the perfect option. Not only are all courses really cheap but I can do them at my own pace. My plan is to spend the next year doing as many courses as possible but here is what i've been up to so far:

I really struggled to come up with a theme as I have so many things I want to draw.
I chose the carnival theme because i'm addicted to the tv show parks and recreations at the moment which for some reason made my weird mind jump to this. Plus I have a weird obsession with early eras such as victorian times and I thought I could try and include some steam punk elements.
I'm mainly concentrating on weight lifters, snake charmers, bearded ladies, dwarf clowns and siamese twins.
I don't draw much so this is going to be a huge challenge for me so all of the feed back and critiques you guys can give me would be really appriciated.
I am very new to anatomy and real life figure drawing so my lines of action need some work.
It definitley helped me to see which drawings were working better. I picked a few and very roughly started defining  shapes.

I've moved onto a refining stage and I just accidently started to concentrate on these two designs. I added a dog to my grumpy clown and I really like the bearded lady concept so I changed my snake charmer to a steam punk hot bearded lady.

I have kept the big body builder on the sheet to remind me I want to still work on him later.
This is only the first phase of the course but i'm really enjoying it.