Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spungella 100 Frame contest

Last week was the 100frame competition.
Normally i always want to do these things but something always gets in the way.
This time i was putting my footdown and no matter what getting an animation out.

The theme was Magic so my partner and I came up with two ideas we liked. i animated them both but he was in charge of one and so was I.
He built, designed, rigged and skinned the rabbit which is a fantastic model in just 3 days.

'Levitate' was quite hard as there was a lot to get across in 100 frames but really enjoyed it.

The animation isn't what i wanted it to be for both as things did get in the way but i'm so glad that i got something out. its a step in the right direction :D
we're on our way to the next project now.
Too many ideas and not enough time!

Monday, 7 February 2011

First film shot

Hi everyone,
This is the first glimpse from my short. he's called Dot and lives in a empty world until he finds his red rope and decides to follow it.
There are lots of working titles at the moment. it changes every day!!
He doesn't look much. hes not textured, lit or has a set yet but first glimpse for you so in a few months it will look like i've been working hard :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

High Res Reel link

Hi guys,
I know the showreel below is quite low res so here is a link to my Vimeo high res version :) enjoy x