Saturday, 10 March 2018

Things I Can't Draw

This Feb I started drawing my travel Zine. I had the notes and the ideas, but I had one major problem. I didn't like the drawings. I draw a lot these days but I draw very similar things. I never push myself so I thought I'd use March as a warm up month before I start drawing the zine. That is how I came up with the 'Things I Can't Draw' challenge. I made a list of all the things I hate drawing or never draw and set myself the challenge of doing one a day. 

So far it has been going well. I have found that most drawings go into one of three categories; 'This is more fun to draw than I thought', 'I can draw this if I spend time thinking about it' and 'I need lots of practice'.

Hands are something I draw every day but I always rush them and pig-headedly draw them without getting some reference. When I spent some time on them I was happy with the results. 

Scenery turned out to be really fun. I love how scenery drawings always come together when you ink them. The colours can be really expressionist and then the inked lines and details add life to the sketch. I'll definitely be doing more of them. 

Feet. I hate feet. I hate my feet. I don't like drawing feet. I will practice them more and hopefully grow to like drawing these weird mechanical yet organic objects. 

I'm only 10 days into the challenge but it has been fun so far. I have some hard days coming up but the results are pushing me through. 

What would be on your list of things you hate to draw?