Monday, 29 September 2014

Ten of my Favourite Books

I don't get to post on here much since I am stupidly busy and use every spare second to animate BUT I am on a rare two min break in the park before heading into work so I thought I'd do a task a friend set me and put it on here (considering a lot are animation related it seemed relevant)
Write a list of the 10 most influential books you've ever read. 

. The illusion of Life - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson.
I got this book for my 16th birthday. I devoured every page and hoped they would reveal their secrets to me. It's a shame it's so huge since I would have loved to have brought it to Korea with me but I photocopied my favourite parts and brought that instead :) I'm a geek.

. Matilda by Roald Dahl
My original copy is worn out and dog eared from excessive use. As a kid I was obsessed I'd move things with my mind if I practiced enough (it also explains my love of 'the force' ) I suppose animation is the next best thing .

. Bill Bryson  - A Walk in the Woods
The author has to go first on this one because I'll read anything Mr Bryson writes. He makes me want to see everything while at the same time never leave the house. It's a special skill. This story in particular is fantastic. You'll never look at a Snickers bar the same way again.

. Eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
 As much as I love animation , my other passion is travel. After reading this book a few years ago I made it my mission to get out of my rut and find a way to animate abroad.

. Harry potter- J.k.Rowling
Hmmm there is a definite theme of wanting to move stuff with my mind as a kid. I was addicted to these books and read book 5 in one sitting...EXPELIAMOUS

. Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks
This book was introduced to me by Ed Hooks in his lectures and it had a huge effect on me. All animators should read it! 

. The Pixar Touch - David C.Price
I've read a lot of books on Pixar. So many that it could probably be my mastermind specialist subject so I was really happy to find this book since it had a new approach. It's more of an in depth look at their beginnings and great truthful stories.

. It's not easy being Green - Quotes by Jim Henson
I read this book for the entire four hour train journey to my first ever animation job interview. Jim Henson is my hero and this book cannot fail to inspire me. 

. Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro
This book is all about a girl who wishes to be more elegant and less 'face covered in wotsits -asleep on the keyboard' so I could relate.

.Charlottes web by E.B White
When I realised years later that spiders eat their mums when their born this book took a whole new sinister turn in my mind.

Well that's my little list. A mix of animation, travel and kiddie imagination, which just about sums me up.

What books do you love? Are there any that you would you disagree with any of mind? Let me know. 
Happy reading/animating x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Quick daily sketch

A quick self portrait of how all of my friends and family see me. I'd say my time is 50% photos 30% drawing 15% eating and 5% netflixs