Sunday, 28 December 2008

Well its the end of 2008 and i've had a great year. Feels like the longest year a good way!

TT animations show "What's your News?" starts on the 12th of January, at 7:30 and 4 am everyday and again on nick jr 2 :D

I can't wait. I only worked on it for 6 months and yet im so proud of it. The adverts start on the 29th but not sure what time so my poor family are going to be watching it 24/7.

I am also currently working on a short with a friend of mine. Something to keep my brain working outside of work. so when i get some things i'll put them on here.

On christmas eve there was a great animation called 'lost and found'on channel 4. It is an oliver jeffers book, who is an amazing illustrator and author and was made by studio a.k.a.
If you get a chance i definatly recommend you see it

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Occupation: ANIMATOR!!!!!!

A month ago I was all excited because i was being allowed to go and visit TT animation studio in Knutsford for two weeks. I was over the moon just to be there for a little while as it really is a dream career. Some where i hoped to be in say ...oh 10 years!!!

So I went down to lovely (6 hour train ride away) Manchester and had a FANTASTIC time. The people were Lovely and made me feel really welcome but with each passing day I wanted to be part of the team more and more.
The show (which I can't really talk about) is fantastic...something i'd happily watch with my little sister on a saturday morning and the fact I was allowed to help our let alone work on the show was awesome!!!

It was the last day of the two weeks today and i was sitting on my desk feeling sick as a dog, waiting to hear 'thank u but no thanks' BUT

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I start on the 30th and moving up there as soon as possible. I can't believe it. its insane!

i couldn't have had a better job if i'd created the position myself. Luckily everyones really lovely and puts up with my persistent questions and mistakes but i love it.

Animator for a TT animatio/Warner Brothers/ Nickelodeon childrens show!!!

get to animate for a living....what more can you ask for :D...well maybe some free Dr Pepper ...but they have that too!!!!!

Monday, 30 June 2008

lines of action!

Well its been an interesting few weeks since the Glammies.

We have officially left university now, which im sad to say, just makes me an unemployed animator...(but still an animator at least!!)

Ive been attempting to practise and work at the same time as moving house and catching up with friends.

Ive had the AMAZING luck of being asked to visit TT Animation. Its the most nervouse i've EVER been. Thought i'd completly blown it, BUT was over the moon to be asked back for a 2 week trial.

I have no idea what to expect but REALLY excited and even if I walk away without the job at least I've had the experience of working at a company.

Im not allowed to talk about the project but....its stupidly perfect!
I couldn't have made up this job if i'd fingers (and toes) crossed!

On another note,
WALL.E is out soon and i can't wait...i have the "art of" book and its fasinating.


my amzing housie and friend Lee Bowditch has modelled my nickelodeon character so have a looksie at his blog:



Sunday, 8 June 2008


WOW what a way to end my degree!!
I was completly and utterly suprised when at out end of year party 'The Glammies' I won a 'special achievement' award.
It was amazing. Like I said in my very very flustered and mummbled speech. Every single person on that course has gone through so much and deserves it.

Tutors were lovley and said lots of nice things to me in the after party. Just have to go and make them proud now!!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A 'Reel' Show.

Here is the first look at my 3rd year showreel. Im still doing lots to it. Have some walks and throws to add. As well as general animation.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Not a Modeller...Just a Poser!

This week is my final deadline week and although theres looooads of stuff to do...i mean like a phenominal amount, but, and my housemates (who are all animators too) will kill me for saying this...but I LOVE it!!!

Animating this week has been the most focused ive ever been, and although most of it is quote pants im enjoying it none the less.

Collaborating on the 2nd year films has prob been the biggest suprise. Ive loved getting lots of shots done in a stupid amount of time. devils playing air guitar, little boy falling for his first girlfriend and insane creatures leaping over tables.
once they are rendered i will stick them up here. but for now its back to MAX...

to keep me motivated i have been sticking podcasts in the back...Richard Williams wouldnt approve but makes me work harder...that and Red Bull!!!
heres the podcast link:

p.s / WHY IS THERE NO AUTOBACK ON MAX9....just thought of the day :D


Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Well today was insane!
I entered a competition that all the skill set acredited universitys were allowed to compete in.

I didn't really expect anything from it but last week the 2d lecturer asked me if i wanted to join another 3 people, journy to London and pitch to the creative directors of NICKELODEON!!
After i picked myself off the floor and stopped myself from hugging her I prepared.

I wasnt expecting anything. I LOVE designing ideas. Its my dream career...animating and creating the stories so this was the chance of a life time!

The studio itself was awesome! Bright orange with toys everywhere. felt like home :D
I was shaking for about 5 hours before i pitched and i went first.

I was in the meeting with the art director, creative directors and was insane i danced around a bit and pitched my idea...and somehow they seemed to like it!
they gave me some constructive critasisum which im taking onboard.....the story needs to work the kinks out so I will be bugging my friend 'Ed Hooks' to help me with my script

(Ed Hooks is one of my favourite actors and lecturers...he is a lovely lovely man who has all the time in the world for you!!...can't wait to go see him again soon!)

Other than that they decided to take all four of us to the next back to london i go in a month!AHHH
it feels like home there!

Sooooo much to do now. End of year showreel AND a treatment for my cartoon!


i will get some design work up here soon for u to have a gander at.