Monday, 11 September 2017

How to Refill a Copic Marker Pen...Or At Least Try Too!

I love marker pens. I don't know why I only started using them a few months ago but I feel they are really helping me improve my art skills. You can't 'ctrl Z' a piece of art work that's really on the page. 

I love them so much that I used up all the ink in one of them. It's taken using it every day for about 5 months for this to happen so it's still impressive that it lasted so long but it was either time to learn to refill or to cop out and just buy another pen. 

I watched some great videos on YouTube on how to refill my pens and gave it a go. Links can be found in the video description if you want to watch the pro's that taught me to do it :) 

My steps summarised are: 
1. buy the correct refill
2. Take both lids off of your pen
3. Lay down a material you don't mind getting destroyed (just in case of spillage)
4. Slowly drip the ink onto the nib of the pen (I do it on the driest end) 
5. I'm still not sure the real amount of drips but it can be anywhere between 17 - 25...depending on how empty it is. 
6. When you think it's full drip one or two drops on the other end of the pen to wet it. 
7. Leave lids off for about 20 seconds to let the air circulate and the air pressure to normalise (not sure if this helps but it seems to stop warned...this is made up Tania science) 
8. Test on a piece of paper you don't care about
9. Use pen and be proud that you refilled it like a boss

I hope this works for you guys x