Friday, 24 August 2007

In the Beginning

Hello there!!!!

My name is Tania Vincent and i'm a computer animator and all round self confessed geek.

I'm 21, which is the first age i've loved every minute of (i can easily see why people mysteriously stay 21 for many years!!!)

I am about to start my last year at university before I run out in the the big wide world and it's scaring the bejeebus out of me (thats put lightly) but on the flip side i CAN'T WAIT......i'll actually (if every thing goes to plan) be able to tell people i'm an animator without whispering 'student' under my breath.

So I thought i'd start a blog (knowing full well im the only one who will read it) so this is my online diary of my progress for the year as well as a helpful tool for me to keep on the straight and narrow path of finishing uni.

If anyone is looking for some animation inspiration and have accidently stumbled onto here then here are some animation sites that are fantastic: (each month a different sound clip is given out for you to animate) (the fantastic guys at pixar giving you lots of tips) (for ANYTHING you wanted to know about the animation world)

well i hope thats helpful for now,
see you all soon,
Tania Vincent