Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tree Fu GO!

Wow its been so long since i've written on here,
lots has been happening but one of the most exciting thing is

Its been fantastic to see it come to life over the last year and i'm so proud of the group of people that i've been working with.

The first 13 have been aired on Cbbies and have gone down really well. They are being repeated on bbc 2.
Its extremly geeky but i'm much more excited to have work on the bbc than I would have thought.
I've been lucky enough to have work on the tv before but it must be the Brit in me thats extra excited to be on the bbc.

The down side to the show being aired is that it means my time at Blue Zoo is almost at an end but i've loved every second . I think i've learnt about 3 years worth of experience in one year. no one can complain about that :)

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