Monday, 30 January 2012

Week 10: Showreel diary

Week 10
Things have had a slow start.
I've blocked things out.
The idea is a man running for his tube train but It has been missing something.

That's when I realised I've got bogged down in the realism. I've filmed reference so much and looked at people in a normal environment that I forgot that I'm animating a cartoon not a motion capture sequence.
So I've gone back to the drawing board and I'm looking at the classics.
I love the way in this clip from Ratatouille Chef Skinner is being led by his head and his arms have so much overlap.They almost trail behind him in this clip. you would never see someone do this in real life but get rid of it in this clip and you lose a whole dimension. LINK
(the posing at 1:13 is fantastic)

Another fantastic animation to look at for a realistic/ cartoony balance is the great 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' this is one of my favourite animations of recent times. every move is so ridiculous but also in the right place. Love it!LINK
(no clip suggestion..just watch it all!)

Then of course, there's goofy.
enough said:
(4:52 onwards is classic Disney runs)

This drawing by Andrew Tunney
is a favourite of mine because in this still you get such a feeling of music and a pose I would never think of using.

So the motto of the moment is. if in doubt cartoon it out....that doesn't make sense but you get the idea.

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