Monday, 30 June 2008

lines of action!

Well its been an interesting few weeks since the Glammies.

We have officially left university now, which im sad to say, just makes me an unemployed animator...(but still an animator at least!!)

Ive been attempting to practise and work at the same time as moving house and catching up with friends.

Ive had the AMAZING luck of being asked to visit TT Animation. Its the most nervouse i've EVER been. Thought i'd completly blown it, BUT was over the moon to be asked back for a 2 week trial.

I have no idea what to expect but REALLY excited and even if I walk away without the job at least I've had the experience of working at a company.

Im not allowed to talk about the project but....its stupidly perfect!
I couldn't have made up this job if i'd fingers (and toes) crossed!

On another note,
WALL.E is out soon and i can't wait...i have the "art of" book and its fasinating.


my amzing housie and friend Lee Bowditch has modelled my nickelodeon character so have a looksie at his blog:



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