Sunday, 18 May 2008

Not a Modeller...Just a Poser!

This week is my final deadline week and although theres looooads of stuff to do...i mean like a phenominal amount, but, and my housemates (who are all animators too) will kill me for saying this...but I LOVE it!!!

Animating this week has been the most focused ive ever been, and although most of it is quote pants im enjoying it none the less.

Collaborating on the 2nd year films has prob been the biggest suprise. Ive loved getting lots of shots done in a stupid amount of time. devils playing air guitar, little boy falling for his first girlfriend and insane creatures leaping over tables.
once they are rendered i will stick them up here. but for now its back to MAX...

to keep me motivated i have been sticking podcasts in the back...Richard Williams wouldnt approve but makes me work harder...that and Red Bull!!!
heres the podcast link:

p.s / WHY IS THERE NO AUTOBACK ON MAX9....just thought of the day :D


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