Sunday, 19 March 2017

Let's try 2D...and stop buying pens

This week I have been given a fantastic opportunity. My company has allowed us to learn the 2d software Toon Boom.
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This is a great chance to learn as much as possible about the origins of what I do in CG. I think that secretly we are all 2d-ers at heart in CG. We just arrived in the industry when computers were taking over. The thrill of seeing a pencil test gives me goosebumps.
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It's a terrifying challenge but I'm going to throw myself into the task and see what happens. I'll show you guys what I get up to . Maybe it will inspire you guys. You'll see what I do and think to yourself 'jeez I can do better than that'. :)
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As well as learning 2D , my drawing room in the new house has inspired me to draw more and my new ethos of 'send what you scribble' has really helped motivate me. I've challenged myself to post something online everyday no matter how rubbish. It's making me think about my work a lot more and really try to improve instead of just coasting. Today I disappeared into my new drawing room and did more artwork than i've done in years. About 90% of it was absolutely shite but at least its a start.

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Happy Weekend Everyone xxx

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