Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mery Rig - One Week Animation Project Pt 1 (block)

A week ago my laptop broke. I had been waiting for it to happen for a while but it doesn't mean I wasn't heart broken when the I.T guy said the dreaded words 'it's the mother board'. Poor little laptop.
So I had to bite the bullet and get a new one. Apart from having a new arch nemesis in the shape of windows 8 , it has been great. I am editing my showreel and ready to put everything in order but I couldn't have a new super fast laptop and not try some animation. So here is a little trial acting piece I'm working on. As i've mentioned many times before...I LOVE ACTING SHOTS. So I tracked down a fantastic rig called Mery (here) which is probably the best rig i've ever animated with.
Here is a little block that i've done so far. I'm only a day or two into it so i've got a lot left to do. Also please ignore the face since after I finished the key poses I decided to leave it for later. Now it looks a bit insane.
I love blocking (as i've banged on about on here before) but i'm just about to add some more anticipations and settles before I go into spline.
If you have any feedback...it is always welcome :)

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