Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Welcome to Korea

Hello lovely animated people,
I'm sorry for the radio silence but I have made the crazy move to Korea this month.
Things are finally setteling down here and it is definitley starting to dawn on me that i'm living about as far away from home as possible.

The country really is stunning. There is so much inspiration around every corner. I want to draw and animate everything I see.
The downside is that this job (although part time) is no where near the animation lifestyle i'm use to.
It is going to be good for me in the long run but i'm definitley missing my old desk and my animation stress.

Teaching kids here part time should allow me to animate a hell of a lot once I get into the swing of things but for now i'm just trying to get to grips with 480 screaming teenagers every week. I don't think i'll ever get to grips with it.

The kids are a fantastic insight into the world of animation. How they see and approach things is so fresh. As part of my introduction lesson I showed them my showreel, their reactions were never to clips I thought stood out.
Its great to see what appeals to a groups sence of humour.

For now I don't have any sketches or animations to share but I will get something on here as soon as possible.

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